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16 X 4 Amp to Speaker Switcher

16 X 4 Amp to Speaker Switcher

16 X 4 Amp to Speaker Switcher

A client approached us who had a large number of amplifiers and speaker cabinets  needed a speaker switch to allow him to patch any amp to any cabinet.  He had done some research but the best offerings feel short of his requirements.  The $389 Cabbone 1×4 from Tonebone (Radial Engineering) switches a single amp to two cabinets, or much more economical is the de Lisle 4×4 switcher at $289

Since neither of these came close we designed a 16×8 speaker selector.   A single encoder knob with a push to select function in conjunction with an LCD display is all that is need to operate the device so making a very clean interface.  It also includes built in dummy loads for tube type amplifiers and is housing in a 2U rack mount cabinet.

The switch matrix is expandable in blocks of 4×4 with a maximum of 16×8. Switching is performed using relays to ensure maximum signal fidelity.


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