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Casio RZ-1 ROM Expansion MOD

This modification to the wonderful Casio RZ-1 adds sixteen sound banks of drum hits to the RZ-1 factory presets.

Kit Contents

The mod kit has three circuit boards. One board expands the sound library from the original stick RZ-1 hits to sixteen sets of vintage drum hits tuned to work with the RZ-1. The second board contains three sets of firmware i.e stock, 1.96u and 2.0u and has removable jumpers to allow you to pick your favourite version. The third board has the bank selection switch and MIDI activity LED.  The boards come with a cable to hook them up and all parts needed to complete the job.


Installation only takes an hour or so and is quite easy to do.  The installation starts with de-soldering the old ROMs and replacing them with sockets into which the new boards plug in. Holes are made in the top for a bank selector knob an MIDI led. Finally you plug the ribbon cable into the boards and solder two wires to the MIDI in circuit.


The sound ROMS uses flash memory and can be reprogrammed. As a result you can customize the sounds to your own needs. To do this requires a flash programmer such as the TL866, and the generation of files for the hits. Not to worry, it’s all explained in the instructions and a script for helping you do it is included.

Casio RZ-1 with Sound band expansion mod fitted
The new ROM PCBs. The firmware gets upgraded to 2.0u too. The firmware was developed by R-Massive

So, how do you use it? It’s Easy! To change banks it just a matter of turning the knob, or you can send MIDI commands.

The mod kit is available in the store 

MIDI files and instructions plus loads of bonus material: here

Free download of original Casio RZ-1 samples in WAV 96KHz format converted direct from ROM for best possible quality Casio_RZ-1_wav_96KHz