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Please note that I have retired and am no longer doing repairs.


We have extensive knowledge of many audio technologies from vintage point to point valve amplifier thru contemporary surface mount class D.  We also have skills in coding and debugging software and firmware.

Our workshop is very well equipped, stocked with extensive modern test equipment, with thru-hole and surface mount solder /de-solder hot air and infra red capabilities.  We even have our own CNC shop.

How to Reach Us

Call 01566 334 335 or click on the envelope at the top to send a message.


  • Bench rate: £35 per hour, most repairs take between 1-3 hours.
  • Minimum fee: 1 hour or 1.5 hours if we are collecting and or delivering your equipment.
  • Estimates: Same as miniumum fee.  Please understand that often the most time consuming part of a repair is figuring out what the problem is. We’ll try our best to get a reasonable estimate in one hour of work, but it will be just that,  an estimate.  Faults can be many layered and you need to expect the unexpected.

What does a typical repair cost?

Vintage gear is usually well documented, easy to access and has simple circuitry so budget one to three hours. More recent equipment tends to be more complex and harder to work on so allow two to five hours. Some repairs are exceptionally challenging and /or documentation may be unavailable and may take much longer.

How long will it take?

We try to turn around jobs in a two weeks. Sometimes we have to wait for parts and that can add to the timescale, sometimes significantly.  Recently, some parts have becom very slow to imposible to obtain.

Can I supply my own parts?

Yes, but we cannot warranty those parts or the rework that might be needed if they go faulty.  It is worth knowing that we have hundreds of the most popular valves in stock at competitive prices.  We also have a huge stock of miscellaneous commonly used parts.

How to get your job to us

  • Drop off directly at our workshop in Lewdown, please call ahead to book in. Weekends possible by arrangement.
  • Handy drop off locations:  Manson’s Guitar shop in Exeter, Soundpad in Barnstable, or Craig’s in Bodmin.
  • By courier.  Just send the chassis and pack well.  Usually under £15. Use this link to get a 20% at Parcel2Go
  • We can pick up and drop off to your door £0.45 /mile, workload permitting.


  • Payment strictly on receipt of bill, unless we have made a prior arrangement with you.
  • Goods must be collected within 30 days. After that a storage fee of £1/day applies. Items not collected after 90 days will be declared abandoned and will disposed off without further notice or compensation to cover our costs.
  • In event of a dispute you agree to binding arbitration and under no circumstances will our liability exceed the cost of the repair

GDPR Notice

Under the GDPR, when you have your goods repaired by us, we will use your personal data solely for the purpose of communicating with you concerning your repair.

You may

  1. Ask for a copy of your data
  2. Submit corrections
  3. Ask for deletion


All repairs are warranted for 60 days from the date of invoice. Warranty only applies to parts replaced in the repair i.e not for new faults.  Amplifier sales are covered for labour only for 120 days,  parts extra.