SI-1125HD Replacement PCB

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This fully assembled PCB is designed as a replacement for the long obsolete Sanken SI-1125HD stereo 25W module.  There are still some to be found but there are questions over origin and old stock parts may not be reliable.

This board uses two readily available LM3886TF power amp chips which are capable of better performance (up to 50W @ 35V) than the SI-1125HD ( 25W @35V into 8 ohms).  The ultimate determinants of power output are the power supply and the heatsink.

The board is designed to drop in place of the Sanken module.  The LM3886TF packages are insulated and must be bolted directly to the heatsink, M3.5 screws are recommended, using thermal paste.  For extra support the PCB can be bolted to the heatsink with M4 screws and essential 2mm nylon spacing washers.

This board is designed to be used with a split power rail to give the lowest distortion and will require a capacitor to be bypassed on the host PCB - very easy to do. We have another version for use with single supply amplifiers (these  have a big capacitor in series with the speaker).

Note: The LM3886 has limited built-in ESD protection, leads should be shorted together or the device placed in conductive foam during storage or handling to prevent electrostatic damage to the MOS gates. You must take precautions to prevent static damage to the part during installation.

We can offer technical support should you require it.  Just include the schematic of the host amplifier with your question.

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