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Specializing in electronic musical equipment repair - guitar amplifiers (valve or solid state, surface mount no problem), effects, stomp boxes, P.A's


Check out our parts store for your tube and component requirements.

We are an authorised Electro-Harmonix Dealer

Massive range of effects and pedals are in the store at GREAT prices.

The logos above belong to their respective companies and serve only to illustrate the kind of equipment we service. Black Magic Amplifiers specialise in custom design, repairs and parts sales.
If you need a repair under warranty you will need to contact the manufacturer.



Black Magic Amplifiers offer amplifier repair, effect pedals & stomp boxes. Custom designed mods or "standard" mods are available too. Full custom design capabilty from concept thru production.

Call us 01566 334335 or email
Address and contact info here

Distance a problem? Local drop off & pick up available:

  • These are great solutions for non-urgent work*

  • Call 01566 334335 for pick up for Newquay and Plymouth

  • Torquay, Paignton, Dartmouth, Newton Abbot, Exeter Area: Drop off at Mansons Guitar Shop, Fore St., Exeter

  • Bude, Bideford & Barnstable Drop off at Sounpad, Rolle Quay, Barnstable 01271 323686

  • If you are further away ask about our low cost door to door shipping programme, usually less than £15
*Repairs are billed min one hour for equipment delivered to us and a minimum of 1.5 hours if you use a local drop-off

We have one of the best equipped labs in the area:

Valve Testing We can quickly test for gain, shorts, gas, lifetime and microphonics with a Hickok 533 universal valve tester. This means we replace the minimum number of valves saving you money!

Digital Valve Curve Tracer Verify operation to specs over a wider range than a vanilla valve tester or matcher. We'll provied with the test data for your tubes too.

Audio Analyzer for THD, frequency response, IMD etc.

Audio Signal Generator For low distorton signal testing.

Digitallly Synthesized Waveform Generator Generates practically any waveform up to 25MHz.

Insulation testing up to 5000V for saftey tests.

Tektronix Ocsilloscope 5 Giga sasmples /sec - essential for todays high speed digital technologies.

Lab Power Supplies up to 1KW

Tektronix Current Probe for AC current measurements up to 100MHz.


“Dave T:- Thanks again for an exemplary job in repairing my Gallien Krueger ML/E-206, hopefully giving it another 25+ years of service. Despite the unavailability of original parts, you took the time to investigate replacements...”

Shaun S: "Marshall JVM205: YOU'RE THE BEST!!!! thank you so so so so so so much!!!"

MM: "... hooked up the Marantz amps. 'Astounding!'; Is my best description of how they sound. Many thanks for doing great work."

JB-"Played around with the amp for a while tonight, and I'm nothing short of amazed! It's like the amp's been asleep since I've owned it until tonight!"

DM-"Wow, that's incredible!" "A job well-done! All of the noise(s) have disappeared and the audio quality has noticeably improved. Again, thank you for doing a great job, at a price I could afford."

AD-"Thanks again for your work on the Super Reverb. I'm really happy with the way it sounds now."

JB-"All in all, I couldn't have asked for more, especially considering the cost! Thanks very much for making an old guitar player extremely happy!"

WG-"If you can picture a harp player smiling while he's playing harp , then that was me. Thanks again."

Dave M-"NO MORE INTERFERENCE SOUNDS! You're the greatest! I can't thank you enough!

JM-"My amp is a beast now, thanks for your help!!!"

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A Very Unusual Repair Project

Nick Rhodes created just one Fender Pixelator Guitar that was conceived for a charity auction.

This was bought by a collector and sadly when he got it back home it had stopped working. He took it to us for repair. We found that the internal processor and software had been zapped by static electricity and destroyed. We had to recreate the control software form scratch as the original designer, who we managed to track down, no longer had that information.